Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Soy una mama (trainer in mission terms)

March 4 2013
Hola Familia!! ¿Como Estan?

Yo estoy MUY bien! I´m so so happy with Hna Bedoya! She is from Huacho, Peru. A tourist town on the coast about 3 hours away from lima. She has a sister that lives in Lehi, small world! But she is amazing! I feel like she is training me. I am learning so much from her everyday!

So this past week has been a little crazy! -but it has been good. We have spent a lot of time walking and getting to know the area and members, but my companion is quick learner and is a great teacher. These next couple of weeks are going to be great!! I wish so much that I could spend more time with her. I can´t believe we are already in MARCH!! Wow 

Right now we are teaching a family. So about two weeks ago three weeks ago we were walking down the street and we stopped to help some people carry wood into their shop. We talked about the church and they asked us to come back a couple days later, sweet. Then the next day we were walking by and they were carrying more wood in, So we stopped to help again. They gave us some inca kola but it wasn´t carbonated. –blah haha. oh well. we drank it and kept going. We have been teaching their three daughters. They are great. They have never been baptized and are so excited to be baptized. So this past week we went by to talk to their dad so he could sign the permission form. Well change of plans. We walked in the house and the power was out (only on  their street) , they all motioned us in. As we are sitting there in their house, my mind was racing. We can´t really read the scriptures like we planned and or use the video clip, and its the first day in the mission for my companion. What do we do? 

Since the power was out, the whole family was together because they couldn´t work in the shop without power.  So  we used the cell phone to read 3 Nephi 18:21 about praying as a family. It was awesome; we talked about the importance of the family. At the end of the lesson almost everybody had tears in their eyes. Come to find out that one of their other sisters was moving to Chile in three days and they are all really sad about that. 

Hna Shearman's last day
To finish the lesson the dad, said the closing prayer!! It was incredible. I don´t think that the kids had ever heard him pray before. It was an incredible lesson. We are so happy that the power was out that night, and that we followed the spirit. 

Please pray for them! (that the parents are married, and that they come to church!)

Hna Sandstrom
Oh and I got your christmas card today.  thanks :)

my district in chan chan

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