Monday, February 25, 2013

Un Capitulo Nuevo

Feb 25 2013
Buenos Dias! 

Today I start a new chapter in the mission, not only am I starting my last change but I will be training!!! And I was called to be the Hermana Asignada (Sisters Coordinator)  --AH! (Insert Butterflies in my stomach here)

This last week has been a great last week with Hermana Cevallos. We laughed lots and made some great memories! 

1. We had a great Family Home Evening with the Bishops Family and a young couple who just got married, and Hna .... It was great. Hna A.. is starting to come back to church. Her husband is a returned missionary, but is taking his time. She is so excited to start coming back to church and has so many questions. I love her so much. She is such an example of doing what is right and applying the atonement of Jesus Christ. 

2. I got to go back to Jardines. It is part of our zone and I went on a work visit with Hna Mori. It was great fun to see some of my old investigators and to see the members. Hna Mori has helped me out a lot. How I can be happy and always think of Jesus. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO IN MY PLACE? This question has been on my mind a lot, and will definitely help me out these next couple of weeks.

3. And Best of all CESAR GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was incredible. When I was in Jardines for the day he had his interview. But we still weren´t sure what day he was going to get baptized. Because his family couldn´t come Saturday or Sunday, he told us well how about Friday. We were all in!!! My companion wanted to be there, but we wanted his family there too. But it worked out wonderful!! There were so many people there too. The j.a.s. (young single adults) helped out a lot too. Funny thing though: during the baptism he said that maybe his family would come. Well lots of people walked in the church in formal clothes and I asked them if they were here for Cesar´s baptism. They said yes, so we motioned them into the already crowded room. Well as the last of them were entering they asked where is Katherine..... ummmm who? Long story short they were looking for the Catholic church next door, where there was also a baptism going on there. Haha.

But Sunday Cesar I think was the first one at church. He said that after his confirmation he felt different. He has already felt the difference in his life. I know that it will only get better from here. 

This past week has been good but bitter sweet saying good bye to so many of my great friends as they go home today. But I´m so so glad that I have one more change! It’s going to be the best one ever!!! 

Les Amo con todo mi corazon Peruana!! 

Hna Sandstrom

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