Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012
Happy Easter Familiacito ' Sorry Its a day late

This week has been crazy! Seriously, but we survived. So first off last p day was great, we played futbol, and made completos and watched princess and the frog in spanish. ;) So if you buy enough completos for an entire district its only 35 soles. Haha love it.(kid history if you're wondering)

So during the week we were crazy preparing for the baptism of Daniel. And it was quite the drama fest. His girlfriend is a recent convert and she is a drama queen; -threatening to run away or commit suicide, and he is very concerned for her. Her life is hard with her family and she has some medical problems, and doesn´t want to go to the doctor with her mom. It's sad. So we were up until midnight saturday night, talking with her friends, the zone leaders, the bishop, and the district leader trying to find Daniel, because as I know to darn well, a baptism isn´t complete without the confirmation. But as we went to bed dead tired saturday praying and pleading for a miracle. Well when we woke up sunday morning we were surprisingly calm. Well we went to get mary carmen, a recent convert, she is always helping us out and is great. She has been helping us tons with daniel and alison. So as we got daniel; which was a miracle, we didn´t know if the bishop was going to let us confirm him.

But as we got to church the bishop was calm with all of it and DANIEL WAS CONFIRMED!!! The first Easter Miracle. The second Easter miracle is that we had 6 people at church. Yea 6!! This is awesome becuase we spent all of our time with Daniel that we didn´t ahve time to go for anybody else. Well We are definitely blessed!!

Another Easter Miracle is that i got a phone call after lunch from Hermana Turk. She said that sunday morning she had received an email from my mom telling me that many family and friends would be fasting and praying that day for me and my headaches. Which was awesome. I am so so grateful for all of you and your prayers. I have faith that we will find the problem and that we will find a solution. And although I had a nasty headache all through church Sunday, I was still able to see the hand of the Lord in my life. I have so many blessings. Thank you, all of you, for your prayers. I am seeing miracles because of them.

So the headache update: We went to Trujillo Friday to talk with president Turk and I got a blessing from him which was awesome. I´m so grateful for him. We have decided to go completely off of caffine and exceddrine and try ibprophen for a week or so. Oh and sun glasses. I feel so weird with them on, not so stylish. Oh well. we are going to be trying some stuff to see what is the problem. Thanks so much for you love and prayers.

Love you all
Hna Sandstrom
My zone (yep I'm the the only gringo)

ps Watch Finding Faith in Christ!! It's a great video for Easter time!!

pps pray for Jean Franko, and Katita, and edwardo this week, they are the chosen ones we are working with this week. Katitas baptisms is saturday :

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