Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012
Hola Family!!!

I hope everything finds you well. I was praying for you all at the Bull sale this weekend. I hope my heifer did great, oh along with everybody else’s :)

Hermanas Herrera y Sands 
I am loving Casa Grande.  It’s so beautiful and small I love it. The sunsets are absolutely gorgeous every night. And the ward is awesome. We have great activities every week. Everybody is always looking out for one another and wanting to help. That reminds me a lot of home. So here in Casa Grande there are only about 50 cars, the rest are motor taxis. They are motorcycles with a little buggy thing on the back. Its fun. All the teenage boys work after school driving them around. And I am loving Hermana Herrera, she is from Nicaragua and she is amazing!! 

So here is the rundown of my investigators at the moment. 

our great YW (all recent converts) & Daniel

Daniel. He is stellar. His girlfriend is a recent convert and he has been curious about the church since she was baptized.  Every time we meet he has questions. It’s so great! He has prayed about it and has gained a testimony of his commandments, and the Book of Mormon.  He is doing this for himself!! It’s awesome. He came to all the sessions of conference! -even priesthood session. And then he came Sunday in a suit. It was awesome.!!! His baptism is Saturday.

Oh by the way I didn´t get to watch conference in English. So I only got about half of it. But it was still wonderful!!! I loved loved loved hearing the choir, and seeing Gwen.  I didn´t think it would have had that big of an impact on me but seeing her was something familiar. :) Conference was amazing couldn´t you feel the spirit and power of the prophet!!! Ah … I love it!! 

So the Next investigator is Katita. She is awesome. She has been taught by various Hermanas, but is really progressing right now. She wants to be baptized but needs permission from her mom. Her mom is a little tough. Katita’s older sister was pretty young when she had her first baby and her mom is really nervous that Katita will be the same. (Which she won´t). She is so awesome, she reads her Book of Mormon every day and her prayers are so special.

Also we have Javier. His wife and daughter are recent converts and his wife is now the Young Womens president. She is a rock. He is basically a member with out the baptism. He attends all his meetings and holds family home evening. He has selected June 14th for his baptism (his birthday) but we are trying to move it up to April 14th. So pray for him please. We want him to go through the temple on his birthday to do baptisms. So it could be tricky. He´s stubborn.

my district with the zone leaders
Anyways this is what’s going on in Casa Grande. So I don´t know if I told you but I´m the only North American in my zone and in Casa Grande and those areas surrounding us. It’s quite fun.

I have been glasses-less for about 5 days now and its fabulous, but the migraines continue. So I talked with Hermana Turk last night and we are going to start trying to figure out what is causing it. And if not we are headed to a neurologist. Hmmm. 

Today we are going to make completos. I´ll let you know how it goes. (You can have 3 completos for ..... :) (kid history)

Please pass on my love to all my extended family and friends!!

Quote for the week.... “If you are endowed with the Spirit of God, no matter how simple your thoughts may be, they will be edyifying to those who hear you” Eliza R. Snow -Daughters in my kingdom page 49

eating clam things - weird but good :)

Love you all so much!!
Hna Sands. (a new abbreviation, my name is difficult here)

(Oh I found out that there isn´t a way for me to send letters, I still love you all I just can´t write you back individually while I’m here.)

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