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April 16, 2012

Aloha Familia
This past week has been a whirlwind.  I can´t believe it has been only 7 days since I last wrote to you. Wow.  Last Tuesday we had the opportunity to work with President Turk. He came to Casa Grande to listen to our district meeting and to look over the work of our zone and then he asked if he could come work with us. So it was pretty great, we had a really good lesson with Katita and with Elizabeth (more about them later). But it was an awesome experience to work with President, He has such a strong spirit about him.

So the next part of the week, was that we went to the Nuerologist. The doctor said that I have Daily Chronic Migraines. They said its hereditary. Grandpa John is the only one who I can think of who has really bad head aches – does anyone else?  I got lots of drugs and I had three days of shots that we had to have given to me.  Now they are going to start me on a prevention program so in the future i will only have them about once a month.  So all that nothing has really changed since I went to the doctor so I don’t really know.

But back to the best parts of the week
JAVIER WAS BAPTIZED!! So we got a call Wednesday morning from  Maria, the wife of Javier. She said she had good news and bad news for us. I told my companion right there that Javier wanted to change jobs, and that they were moving back to Chiclayo and that he wanted to be baptized before he left. Well when we went to their house before we left for Trujillo Wednesday. So it was exactly as I predicted. They are changing jobs so Javier can spend more time with his family and they are moving to Chiclayo in May, so he was baptized this past Friday!!! YEA!!! It was amazing! His testimony was awesome. He said that the only thing he faulted all along was asking in his prayers. He said that he had always prayed and expressed thanks but never really asked. And as soon as he did, he received his answer.

The other best part was Katita. She had her baptism date set for this week, but because of some health (girl stuff) she wanted to wait until next week. Which was fine. But when we went to get her permission slip signed, her mom changed completely. So I don´t know what really changed, but we ended up baptizing Katita this past week. Katita originally had permission and knows that these things are right.  As we were leaving her house Saturday, I heard my companion telling her mom, do you mind if we stop by for Katita we want her to see what a baptism is, so she can feel the spirit and see the church. After we left the church I told my companion, that the only baptism we have planned is Katitas. She said I know, and so that’s what we did. We followed the spirit. But it was really funny. haha.

So Sorry this email is all over the place, this past week I have seen so many miracles happen in our area that it has been amazing. Just amazing! The Lord really blesses his missionaries. Thanks for all of you prayers!!

Love you All
Hna Sandstrom

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

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