Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Familia! ¿Como estan? 
Hello Hermana Mendoza  my new 'companera'

good bye to the awesome Hermana Oliveros 
This week has been crazy!! I love it. This past week we had changes. It was crazy but good. My New companion is Hermana Mendoza. She is from Bolivia -Santa Cruz. She is the oldest in her family of 8 kids and she is a 4th generation member. She is amazing and a very hard worker! Our numbers have been awesome this past week!. We are going to see miracles this change. We are determined to do the very best! Always! She is great. Hermana Oliveros is in Huaraz. Hermana Mendoza came from Huraz. Huraz is a 10 hour bus ride away and is basically Utah. With tons of snow right now and i hear it rains all the time. I can´t wait to go there. 

So this past week we started teaching Emma and Her two daughters Alexandra and Isabell. They are awesome. She is separated from her husband. Her daughter has accepted baptism and she is thinking about it because she was baptized as a baby. Her father is working as the adversary and discouraging her to be baptized again. But we have time no worries. They all came to our missionary night activity but not to church. We need to get them to the church this Sunday so they can be baptized before next change. But I love them so much and want the best for them. 

awesome sunset in our area

So my Spanish is coming right along. I had our new zone leader tell me that it was really good and he couldn´t tell who was talking me or my companion :) I was stoked. Hopefully it will continue to improve. I can understand a lot more than I can speak which is frustrating at times. 

So with changes we got a new zone leader. His name is elder Terry. He is from highland. Crazy huh? He is friends with trevor smith and and also a new elder in our district is from ceder hills. He is friends with daryl chadwick and knew lindsay. crazy connections. 
Wakka Wakka - ancient temple

So today we visited Wakka Wakka as a zone. It was great fun to finally see something of Peru. It’s this temple that was buried and now they are discovering it and excavating it. 

great scripture !  2 Nephi 28:29

I’m excited to hear more about your new calling mom!! 

Congrats Connor on winning at the Science Fair - tell me more about your project.  Parker, sorry you've had so many stomach aches, hang in there buddy.  I love you boys!! You guys are the best valentine I could ask for!!! 

Here is the photo on the roof with juana. We have officially stopped meeting with her. She has told us that she doesn´t have time for God and that she doesn´t want to follow Jesus Christ-- so sad. 

The clown faces photo last week was when we visited a lady in our ward. She has a costume shop. Lindsay would be in heaven.   

Please pray for Emma, Isabell, Melissa, Kristy, Ingrid, and Ricardo this week.    Thanks! 

Con Mucho Amor 

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