Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 6th 2012 

Changes are coming...
This week has gone by fast.  We have come to the end of another change. wow. Hermana Oliveros receives her change information tonight and I’ll find out my new companion. CRAZY! I will be leading my area and I´m nervous about this. I’m not so confident about my ability to lead, but I´m hoping I get an experienced companion and she can help me out.

i don't know if this is supposed to be
 ducks on the roof or not -
but apparently Kaylee's area anyway 
So this past week was kind of a downer. We went to visit Juana, in this pictures she is showing us her ducks that live on her roof. (so funny)  We wanted to invite her to church and asked her if she still wanted to learn more and to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ. She said no—just that bluntly.  It’s so sad when people make those decisions. I feel really sad for her. 

Then the next day we went to visit Josue and his mom Pricilla. Well they too said that they no longer wanted to be baptized. So yea that pretty much where our area is. It is now time for changes, and we are going to start fresh-- New companion and new investigators. We are going to have success this coming change!!

Hermana Oliveros has been a wonderful companion
hard working and a lot of fun too!

I have learned so much from Hermana Oliveros. I have learned patience and faith and to never give up. We just keep going one day at a time. And when people make sad decisions or reject the gospel we have to accept the fact that it’s not because of us. We have done all we can. It’s up to them.  That is our mission-- To invite others to come unto Christ. INVITE is the key word. 

Who can you invite to come unto Christ?  They could be a member, non-member, family member, or complete stranger. Who can you help to come unto Christ? I invite all of you to help us with the missionary work. I love this scripture: This is what we do. Every member of the church 2 Nephi 25:26

This is the Lord´s work. This is why I am here. So many miles from home and everything I know… To talk of Christ, to Rejoice of Christ and to share the message of the restored gospel. I love the work! Yes the days are long and its blasted hot, and I am frustrated. But I wouldn´t still be here unless I knew that this gospel was true. That our savior Jesus Christ LIVES!! How special is this message! 

So a question for you returned missionaries. How do you approach the Catholics or other religious people? How do you help them realize that there is more than just believing in Jesus Christ and occasionally 
saying your prayers or visiting a church? 

Thanks for your prayers and love family!!! 

Hermana Sandstrom

Mom that will be great for you to be a Spanish speaking investigator at the MTC. I´m so excited for you.

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  1. In an answer to your question, we didn't run across too many catholics in Japan. However, when we did, we would talk about Joseph Smith. It all boils down to him, and if he really saw God and Jesus. If he did, it means that we do really have the restored truth, and that God speaks through prophets today, if he didn't then they don't need to worry ha ha. We challenged them to pray about Joseph... Hope this gets to you.