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February 27 2012
Hola Familia!
Como Estan?
This past week we were crazy busy and so many things happened. We had a multi-zone activity with all of the other Hermanas here in Trujillo. It was great to see them all.  It was also great to hear messages from President Turk and Sister Turk. They are so awesome. President Turk invited all of us to close our eyes and to remember our baptisms. For some it was in the past couple of years and for others it was a long time ago. But for us to remember the clothes, the music, the water, the place, our family and friends, to remember the person who baptized us and to remember the words of the prayer. It was so cool. To remember dad and I dressed in white.  I remember all of my friends and family were there. I was baptized on the same day as two of my elementary school friends, lara shelley, and jordan wheat. I remember dad whispering to me that he had looked in the font and had seen ice cubes floating. I was so nervous and didn´t want to get in the water. When I stepped in the font. It was so warm and I felt so much peace as I stepped into the water with dad.  I remember coming up out of the water and feeling so clean. The spirit was so strong!! What do you remember about your baptisms? Think about it.  Write down what you feel and how you remember it.

Angie's baptism
I got to put this into action and think about it again Saturday night. ANGIE was BAPTIZED!!! It was so cool. She felt so good and she even halfway shared her testimony after. It was great! I was so happy for her. It was really a miracle that we found her again and that she wanted to be baptized!  A baptism isn´t complete with out the gift of the Holy Ghost. So Sunday morning we went to wake her up and she was already up and getting ready. Her friend luz was there, she doesn’t believe in the Mormons-- its sad. She doesn’t know why and she doesn´t want to learn. Anywho- we went running around for our other investigators and came back for Angie 30 minutes before church. She wasn´t there. She had left with luz. I was so sad for her. Twice this has happened to me. They are baptized and then disappear before their confirmation. Well we waited for a while and then left for church. While we were waiting for church to start, Elder Elmer pulled us out to introduce us to an investigator who is part of our ward. As we finished I told him Angie didn´t come with us. So during the opening hymn he comes in and asks where Angie lives. I give him directions and he leaves. I have to say, I was asking God why this was happening and what more we could have done for her. Well with about 10 minutes left in the meeting, Elder Elmer flags us out again and guess what?..... HE HAD ANGIE WITH HIM!!!  But yes it was a miracle that he found her and that she received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday.

sleeping under the stars

Last night when we got back to our room it was so so hot. Remember the lake powell analogy? Yes so we did something very lake powellish, we slept outside under the stars. It was so cool!!! So fun.

We have some pretty great members of our ward here in Monserrat who remind me so much of some of my family members. Hermana Estella reminds me so much of Grandma BArker (Gma I got your package today! THANKS so much!!!) And Mario Ruiz reminds me so much of Uncle Ray. Its crazy but I love it.

We got a call last night from the district leaders, there is a funeral today for somebody in their ward. So we have been asked to represent the missionaries and attend the funeral.  And to talk to these people about the plan of salvation. I love teaching about the plan of salvation. But I don’t like funerals. After lindsay´s funeral and also Lindsay Draper’s dad's funeral, they are hard and i just don´t like them. When you attend a funeral where the majority are members of the church, its a time to remember the happy memories because there is the knowledge of something more. But this morning when we were at the viewing it was just painful.  We are going back after internet time to talk to people.  Oh Its going to be interesting.
I Love you all. 
Thanks so much for your prayers, 
letters, and support!!
I´m the luckiest missionary!!
Con Mucho Amor
Hermana Sandstrom

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