Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One week and counting...

Today all of our new district went to immigration with some of other missionaries, so we got to hang out with our old district.   It’s been great to just chill. I spent some of my morning sewing 2 shirts 2 skirts, and 6 pairs of elders pants. Haha - so fun. After letter writing it will be to futbol it up before the temple this afternoon.

My mission life is going great! I'm so excited to leave next week. I’m ready for the field but so nervous for what is coming next. Ready or not here I come, and this is what I'm doing for the next 16 months.

Okay so here is what happened this past week...Last Sunday was awesome. We had a couple hours of study time and then we watched a church movie ‘Mountain of the Lord’, and a devotional by Dallin H Oaks.  It was great.  I love spiritual p days.
Also this past week, I finished the New Testament. It was so great. I don't think that I have ever read it from cover to cover; I have always stopped after the four gospels. It’s so cool and there are so many good scriptures after Acts. I love it. Phil 4:13.   Now my next goal is to read the  D&C before I leave.  It’s so coo.  I have already found some gems.  The boys will love these scriptures -  D&C 38:13,28 haha.  What movie does this remind you of? Ha ha

This past week they have gotten really strict with some of the rules.  The really small annoying ones and it has been really hard to be 100% obedient and to have a positive attitude about things. It takes so much out of me not to complain about the way they do things (which isn't very efficient) but I have to let them learn and just go with things. The language barrier has really been hard too. I thought my language was going pretty good, until yesterday and I had a hard time during a work-shop that we had.

my new sweet latin companion
I'm down to just a couple days here and can't wait to get on to the next step. Its will be scary and interesting for the next couple of months. haha.

Thanks for everything! Love you lots, I'll write you again from TRUJILLO in just a matter of days!!
Love H. Sandstrom

Touring Lima
with Hermana Adams 

Hermanas going to Trujillo

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  1. oh my heck. i love these! thanks mama sandstrom!