Friday, November 4, 2011

Less than 2 weeks to go

Nov 3, 2011
On our p-day wednesday, a lot of the north american hermanas had to go to immigration to get our official peruvian ids. Pretty cool, then we rushed back and went straight to the temple.

So just over a week ago a group of north americans left and all of the latinos left. There were only about 25 missionaries here. After they took off, we went to class for a little bit and then played soccer for hours. It was so much fun! I love it. Last P day we went on a tour of lima. We got to go to this old monastery and take a tour. It was so cool, it was built in the 1400s and and is still being used today. We got to go to the catacombs and see big common graves of 25,000 skulls and other bones. so sweet. The last burial down there was 4 weeks ago, crazy huh. After we got to do a little shopping and just enjoy the scenery and an AWESOME burger from McDonalds. I swear McDonalds has never tasted so good. Haha. That night after we got back the americans got to play a game of futbol. So fun. I scored a couple of goals and the elders were patient with all of the hermanas. There are a couple of us that like to play and have continued to play everyday with the new latinos and our elders in our district.
We had some changes in our districts and i miss my old group. Its been hard to get used to but I'm learning new lessons. Change is hard but the Lord knows what He is doing. I LOVE My new Latin companion by the way. She is so so sweet. She went through the temple for the first time yesterday, she speaks no english and is from a small farming town in southern peru.
Life is going good here. I can't believe that I have less than two weeks left. SO NUTS. I'm so excited.

Oh funny thing on Halloween we all wore miss matched clothes just for fun, then our dl stuck his head in before lunch and said all of our mission presidents were here for lunch (they were all in Lima for a couple of days for a mission presidents conference) --we freaked!! So funny- we tried to hurry to change our outfits fast, but i didn't have enough time. We got to meet them and then we had our picture taken with President Turk and that is what is on the mission blog . So that was so funny. but great!! And then for more halloween fun that afternoon we all dressed up as elders.

So after meeting President Turk and his wife, who are fabulous, I got really excited. I'm ready to teach real people and start sharing the gospel. The scriptures are our most powerful teaching tool, and I love them. I will finish the new testament today or tomorrow and read the D&C before I leave. So fun. I love it.
Its such good weather here. Spring time all the time. Thanks for the love and prayers. I need the help right now.

Challenge for this week: READ Our search for Happiness. Its a quick read but now one of my favorite books. And Study Ephesians 6:13-20.  

Love, H. Sandstrom

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