Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Loving Trujillo

Why is it that I always start to cry when reading your emails? I don’t like it. I have been super homesick these past couple of days. I have been sick-sick, of course. I could feel it coming on in the airport and as I felt crappy I just wanted to be home.


I love it. This is where I am supposed to be and to be spreading the gospel right now. I love the city. I want to take tons of pictures, but we can’t be tourists so I’ll leave it to you guys to take tons of pictures when you come. You’ll be fresh.  I’ve already become used to a lot of the stuff in Trujillo.

Its really a poor area here, but they are living comfortable.
So my first week in trujillo.... well we have no hot water, like we are supposed to. They moved into a new apartment the day before I got here, and its doesn’t have a thermostat yet. I’m stoked about having hot water soon, and the freezing cold showers have not helped with my cold.  And you aren’t supposed to put the toilet paper in the toilet.  It clogs them. We found this out the hard way. hahaha!!  

My spanish is coming along pretty well. Most of the people can understand me and I can participate in lessons. Not completely equal yet, but a lot better than I though it would be. :)
I’m in the Monsaratte area. It’s right in trujillo.

So we started out hard that first night we arrived, we got to go on splits right in my area. Then the next day after more training and meetings with president Turk and his wife, we went to their house for lunch and then it was off to meet our companions. We started off teaching that night. I had no clue what was going on but I bore my testimony and could understand a lot.

I saw a bag of chicken feet in a bag at a house vendor yesterday. haha weird.  And I ate tomatoes, onions and fish all in one meal. and i didn’t die. surprised dad? haha. 
We have pensionistas that cook for us, they are pretty cool. They just returned from serving a mission in trujillo so we are going back to visit a lot of their lost investigators. Its been going great and I’m learning lots.

Hermana Oliveras is my trainer, she is from Mlima.  We will be together for 3 months as part of a new truing program.  i love her so much, and we have already had a lot of success and we work great together. 
We already had a baptism - he is a stellar kid and so excited to be a member of the church.  His grandma is a member and it's just great! (see photo below)

We also had a baptism while i was in the Lima MTC - she was our district's investigator. 

I love you all..
Hermana Oliveros & I
First baptism in the field
Our MTC baptism - right in the middle

The Hermanas of Laureles Zone are Spectacular.
They are smart, clean, bright, courageous, happy and selfless. says Sister Turk

The Laureles Zone

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