Thursday, June 2, 2011

Splashin' and Horse Back Ridin'

So yesterday afternoon I went to South Jordan to watch my little cousins while Rory and Karen went to Pirates for Rory's birthday. We went to the park, that was "just around the corner." 
One of the maintenance workers turned on the sprinklers and got everything wet, and he was afraid my "husband" was going to be upset with him and come hunt him down. It was quite funny. Any ways
a big puddle was formed on the side walk and the kids had so much fun 
running through it and getting wet. 

After Babysitting I had Family Home evening with the singles ward riding horses at the arena. It was such a beautiful night, and it was so much fun. I forget how much I love riding until summer comes and I start to ride again. I can't wait to get up into the mountains. I love it! 

Joe had never been on a horse before!

Some Good Lookin' Cowboys! 

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