Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend Branding

The Annual Trip to Idaho started off with trips to the cemetery. We stopped with carters at Lindsay's before we hit the road. 

The Holt Cemetery in Bountiful

The next morning we did some branding! 

Crazy kids with their licorice 

Rocky Mountain Oysters. This year we saved half of them and we threw them right on the 
grill in the corral. We put a little garlic on them and I tried one. They weren't half bad. I saw it from beginning to end. 

More cute Kiddos
 That night we threw Tiffany a surprise 40th Birthday Party. We did a tribute, and then watch a bunch of pictures from her life. It was fun to see pictures all through out her life. 
Love ya Tiff!! 
40 and Fabulous! 

On saturday it was too rainy to have our hot dog/marshmallow roast. So we opted for the church, but on sunday we took advantage of the dry skies, and started the fire, just for mallows. It was still cold. 
Gotta Love Family!! 

This is for you Grandma and Grandpa!! 

It was so great to go to the Ranch!! I love Elba! 

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  1. I love Elba too! Going to Elba was one of the best Youth Conferences I have ever been on!