Sunday, February 13, 2011

Go Cougars!

So Friday morning I decided to go home for the weekend. My family had received an invitation in the mail to the Thompson's annual ball. I hadn't seen any of these people since the previous year and wanted to go home. So I did. Ha.
The envelope had said, Mike and Tammy Sandstrom & Kaylee and Date
If you know me at all, this wasn't an option.
This was the sunset when I came out of sardine canyon
and into Brigham City 
 The next morning I went to Connor's Junior Jazz game. Our family didn't get the basketball game because we don't have success. I did awful when I played and Connor's team didn't do so well either. 

That night was the BYU vs. Utah game. Parker gave me his ticket so that I could go with mom, dad and Connor. I forgot my camera in the car but this is after we walked back to Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

And BYU beat Utah!! Wahoo!! 

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