Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

"What will NY152 say today, I wonder. I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You've got mail. I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart. I have mail. From you."

This is one of my all time favorite movies. It was the great movie to watch alone on Valentines Day. I ended up getting sick and just wanting too feel better and be able to go out into the little bit of sunshine that Logan was getting. 

Once I got home from work, I went straight to bed, not feeling great to my stomach and being all congested. Slept the after noon away and didn't even make it to go do fun things with my friends, except I did go to get frozen yogurt for my throat with Brynne and Alyssa. 

Since I have gotten sick I have spent all of my time, except for work and school, in bed, either sleeping, watching movies, or working on homework and my blog, and pictures from our cruise ( I'll post those soon!) 

Anyway's back to my favorite movie. I love Kathleen Kelly. I want to grow up and be just like her. She is so modern, and chic. She is classic and timeless. 

"The odd thing about this form of communication is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. 
But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant 
more to me than so many somethings."

Kathleen Kelly always knows what to say, and even if the timing is off, it comes out perfect at the right moment. She never is shy or embarrassed, and can communicate her feelings immaculately. 

"Well... if he's not here, he has a reason, because there is not a cruel or careless bone in his body. But I wouldn't expect you to understand anybody like that. You with your theme park, multi-level, homogenize-the-world mochaccino land. You've deluded yourself into thinking that you're some sort of benefactor, bringing books to the masses. But no one will ever remember you, Joe Fox. And maybe no one will remember me, either, but plenty of people remember my mother, and they think she was fine, and they think her store was something special. You are nothing but a suit!"

"People are always saying that change is a good thing. But all they're really saying is that something you didn't want to happen at all... has happened. My store is closing this week. I own a store, did I ever tell you that? It's a lovely store, and in a week it'll be something really depressing, like a Baby Gap. Soon, it'll be just a memory. In fact, someone, some foolish person, will probably think it's a tribute to this city, the way it keeps changing on you, the way you can never count on it, or something. I know because that's the sort of thing I'm always saying. But the truth is... I'm heartbroken. I feel as if a part of me has died, and my mother has died all over again, and no one can ever make it right. "

And the greatest line of the movie

"I wanted it to be you,

Now this is the kind of love I'm looking for. A true Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Love. 

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  1. There are some really great lines in that movie. Love it!