Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Sister

So these past couple of days I have been thinking a lot about being a sister. I had gotten some of those email forwards that talked about how your sisters will always be there and that You will always have and friend. It said that when you get older your sisters will be your best friends, and they are the ones you can always talk to and turn to.

After reading this email I just felt sad. I won't be able to call up my sister and say "Hey, Lets have lunch!", or "Wanna babysit my kids?" I am never going to go on crazy road trips with her, or to watch her get married and have the cutest kids. We aren't ever going to live close and swap kids, or borrow sugar from each other. I just makes me wish I would have done things better while I had her here.

It has been so long since she left us, almost two and a half years. I have heard that it gets easier as time goes on, but its not. I keep my self busy, to keep myself away from the pain.

Anyways this past week I have had sometime to think about her and our time. I had myself a little pity party, but as I was doing that my "sister" Calais called me and texted me and sent me an email. She is up here for school and said that she need a big sister. I am so happy that she called me! I helped so much. She was just at the breaking point and needed big sister time.

I picked her up after work, and we went and got soup, and just caught up. I hadn't seen her in over a month. I love her so much.
Thanks lil' Sis for letting me have the chance to play big sister.


  1. Kaylee! Sitting here at a car wash reading his with tears in my eyes-nice!
    I am sorry. I have been thinking about you two this week too for some reason...I miss her, I feel for you babe. It has to be hard for you especially seeing the close-knit relationship you're mom and her sisters have. I wish there was something we could do to ease the pain for you. I'm so glad you shared this and thank heaven for our network for heavenly sisters here on earth to lift us up when we need it. At least we all know you have an angel above looking out for you. Love you.

  2. I LOVE you Kaylee thanks for being such a great sister.

    LOVE your brother Connor

  3. Kaylee- You are such an amazing person and the best sister. I'm sorry you have been going through a hard time. I think of Lindsay often and am continually inspired by you and your family. You strengthen my resolve to be a better person. Love you!

  4. I love you, I have been thinking about and missing Lindsay too. Thanks for being the best sister.

  5. I didn't know. I am so sorry. What a hard trial to face. I know it is not the same, but when I lost my baby my heart was broken so I can only imagine how hard it has been for you.