Monday, July 22, 2013

Road Trippin'!

I believe that every summer needs a road trip. Friendships are formed and memories are made! I love being on the road with tunes and stories and laughs. 

 I am so luck to be living with this girl! Its going to be one 
month of adventures! She is my other half! 

We set off friday after work and we drove to Las Vegas, lots of singing and laughing. 
We drove the strip and stayed the night in Vegas. 
We went down to the hot tub and there were some sketchy people, so we just sat 
there and spoke spanish all around them. I love it! 

 The next morning we took off early for Mesa. 

We received new that our good friend Marvin Yat had been in a car accident, while serving with the missionaries in his ward. He broke his pelvis and was life flighted to Guatemala City. 
Please keep him in your prayers in the next weeks. Its going to be a long recovery. 

Elder Felt, Elder Yat, H. Shearman, H. Sandstrom
So once we were in Mesa, we went over and hung out with the Turks. 
After we met up with some other returned missionaries, and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. 
So yummy!

After dinner, I was able to stop by and surprise my cute little cousins in Gilbert. It was so great! It was a little late at night and i didn't  get to see them for long, but it was sure worth it. These are the cuttest kids that live in the state of Arizona! 

So the Turk's homecoming was incredible. They are my greatest role models. I feel completely rejuvenated from hearing them speak and being around them. The gospel is so important, and how we live it is even more important. I have been refilled with the member missionary spirit.

I'm so grateful for President and Sister Turk. They are incredible parents, and they have such strong testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They know what things are really important, and how to be happy. They have so much love for the scriptures and for each other and for their missionaries. I'm so happy that they are apart of my life. 

After lunch at the Turks, we had to hit the road to be able to make it Las Vegas before it was too late. 
We were lucky enough to stay with Kyrsten that night. We became best friends the summer before my mission, and while I was gone she met Seth. They were married just before I got home, and this was the first time I was able to see them since I have been home. 
Seth is a great guy. I love them both. 
I'm so glad that I was able spend a couple of hours with them. 

It was a great road trip! And I'm ready for another one, just let me catch up on some sleep first. 

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