Tuesday, July 9, 2013

College Life Never Changes

So as a college student there are always dumb things that we do, to which we have horrible justifications. This past week was no excuses. 
Last wednesday I had to have a Sleep Deprived EEG so we could try and find out more about my headaches. So this meant I had to go to bed from 11-3 and then be awake from 3-8:30. My wonderful friends volunteered to get up with me and make a trip to Denny's, followed by an office marathon. 

L to R: Jesse, Ben, Travis, Alexis, and I

That same night we went to downtown Provo to stake out spots for the 4th of July parade. We somehow managed to stay awake all night long. (who knew all of provo comes alive and out on the 4th)

fireworks :)
Karissa and I in the early morning

 So thanks to the Boscos we all got to go to Stadium of Fire! Kelly Clarkson was amazing!

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Sunday was game night. I taught these fellas Books, it was a success. 

Opening night of Four Guys' Ice Cream

 Summer isn't summer without a diet of Otter Pops and Shaved Ice

Thanks to Legrand, we had an awesome firework show! 

And the past five days have been finished with FHE - Twister Pudding. It was as great as it sounds. 
Slippin and a Sliding. 

And the best part is.... Summer is only getting going!! :)

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