Sunday, January 8, 2012

This is a blog post from Sister Turk (Kaylee's mission president's wife) 

Jan 4th 2012

I Love This Story...

This is Hermana Sandstrom who has been in the mission just a few months.
She is great and we love her contagious smile.

This is Hermana Sandstrom's parents.
Her mother, Tammy, served a mission in her youth in Boston...
Which probably had a lot to do with her daughter serving a mission now.

Tammy taught a man back in Boston that was originally from Columbia.
His name was Ricardo.  He listened to the lessons, knew the Gospel was true 
and He was baptized.
I don't have a picture of Ricardo, but here is a picture of 
Ricardo Montelban... just pretend

Ricardo went back to Columbia and converted his family.
He happens to be an Uncle to our 
Elder Barinas
whose family was converted through this Uncle Ricardo.
Uncle Ricardo even named his daughter Tammy 
after Sister Sandstrom (Barker)
who taught him the Gospel.

This is why Elder Barinas' first cousin is named Tammy!
Elder Barinas would not be a member of the Church
if Hermana Sandstrom's mother hadn't served a mission
to Boston and taught his Uncle.

Here are Hermana Sandstrom and Elder Barinas in the center
with their companions.

Thank you Tammy for serving a mission
because you have no idea how outstanding our 
Elder Barinas is...  You can count all of his converts
to your list now too... which are many.

We know that Hermana Sandstrom serving with us now
will have stories like this with the lives 
she touches here in Peru.


PS... Don't you think that Elder Barinas looks a lot like his Uncle Ricardo?


 (mom note) That is the end of the original story posted by Sister Turk on Jan 4th.  Here is some additional information. I spoke with the Saenz family in Boston this week and they actually sent a letter to their sister/sister in law (Elder Barinas' mom) in Columbia and told her Kaylee was serving a mission in Trujillo and that Elder Barinas should watch for her.  So the mystery of how the connection was made is answered.  But knowing the details makes this story none the less miraculous to me.  What a wonderful experience and blessing for me and I can't help think what a great boost to Kaylee and the extent your missionary service can reach.  

Here are some photo's I found: 
Ricardo & Miriam Saenz at their baptism 1986
with missionaries and son Robert
Saenz family (Ricardo, Miriam, Magda, Robert,
 & new baby Tammy) & Tammy Barker (Sandstrom)

I love this facebook post by Robert Saenz after this all came together 'Funny how God reaches into your soul out of the blue to let you know He is there and loves it when that happens' (... me too!)

I also got this message on my Facebook wall from Cindy, another one of Elder Barinas' aunts in Columbia. (english translation) "Hello, my family and I also know the Gospel thanks to my uncle Ricardo and aunt Miriam.  We want to thank you because if it had not been for your magnificent work, our family would not be what it is now.  We have been able to be sealed in the Holy Temple and now my brothers and sisters also have their families for eternity.  Your labor has truly transcended generations and will continue to do so.  Thanks!...with all my heart" 

My final thoughts are cool, amazing, incredible - and gratitude!  It is great to be reminded that the Lord knows each one of us individually and brings lives together in miraculous ways.  I also appreciate the reminder that we really don't know the effect our lives have on others. By living the gospel and fulfilling our duties, the Lord will use us as instruments in His hands. - Tammy

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