Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

yellow everything and Inca Cola

Feliz Año Nuevo!
This week has been crazy busy running 
back and forth 
visiting members and our investigators.

Happy 2012 in Trujillo - but in bed by 10:30 

We ALMOST had a baptism for German. Yep-almost; so he told us the day after Christmas that he was leaving on vacation for a month. We were so bummed. But while we were out tracking one afternoon I felt prompted to go visit his house, just to see if he was there or to visit his daughter, Segunda. So we looked and he was there. We talked to him and figured that he could be baptized that upcoming Saturday because he has had all the lessons and has a desire and wants to follow Christ, and he has been to church two times. So we planned for Saturday and that meant Friday was his interview with our new district leader, Elder Elmer.  We were nervously waiting out in the hall for the verdict. Elder Elmer came out and said that he knew everything, although he was a little confused when German responded to the question ‘who is the prophet of the restoration’-- Jose Monson and then the next question ‘who is our prophet today’ --Thomas Smith. HAHA But other than that he said it was good. EXCEPT for the fact that when Elder Elmer asked him if he was excited for his baptism on Saturday he said no. He said that he really didn't have any desire to be baptized because he was baptized as a kid and being baptized again would be an offence against God. AHH No!! We were so bummed, because he was so excited for baptism before.  We have tried to keep talking to him but nothing. We even talked to his daughter who we thought was against it and she agreed to talk to him and tell him it was okay to be baptized. But still no. so, we’ll see what happens.

We finally got Juana to church this week!! Yea!! One more time at church for her and Rosa and we’ll have a baptism for them!!! For mother and daughter. Oh pray for us this next Sunday. It’s stake conference so we are nervous about investigators coming.

We have had a lot of new investigators this past week but they stop being progressive when they don’t come to church. This has really become a difficulty for us. Any suggestions on how to get them to church?  We leave about 2 hours before church to get to our investigators houses to wake them up and wait for them and visit multiple people- to prep all of them hoping one or two will make it to church. haha. Its a game every Sunday to see how many can we wake up and how many will make it to the chapel.  These past two Sundays have been hard because of the holidays and because our ward meets at 8 am. But our time is changing.  Members are also hard because we can’t get very many to accompany us during the week. 
This week has been great as I have shared The Living Christ books!! There is such a power in the knowledge of our savior and his sacrifice for us!! DC76:22-24 HE LIVES this is our testimony. It is So comforting to know. I love sharing my testimony of this everyday!

Thanks for all the prayers!!!
H Sandstrom
here is our dinner - cereal and yogurt - yum

our zone activity in the country last week

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