Thursday, August 25, 2011


So for my birthday this last weekend we went to Burley for the annual Fair and Rodeo! We do the same thing every year, but I love it!

We of course have to visit the museum every year, even though it never changes. 

And too bad they put up a big fence around the horse races. At least the little kids got to see.  

We all rode the Mechanical Bull!! 

I got to cross something off my bucket list!! #66 is done!

This quilt is so cool! I want to make it someday!
We went the Horse Races before we snuck across to put blankets down. 

The RODEO! I love the Cassia County Rodeo. It is seriously one of best I have been to! 

Thanks so much to everybody who made it an awesome day! 
I wonder what I'll be doing on my next birthday!

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