Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

I can't tell you how much I needed a break from school. It was so great to get out of logan and to take a break from school and work. This week has been crazy trying to get caught up and focus on school again.
My classes ended up being canceled on thursday and friday, so i got work off and headed out thursday morning.

Ally and I had lunch with Aunt Marlene and then I took Ally to the airport.

Out to Dinner! 
On friday I was off to St. George with Kamille, Heidi, Torie and Becca. We just laid around by the pool and the condo. It was great fun. All we did was watch the OC, eat, and read our books.

On monday we went to Las Vegas for the day
Yay for the Backseat!

Happy to be where its warm and with friends, and frozen yogurt

Two of my favorite things. 

I finally made it to the Effile Tower! Ha, I wish! 

I love this picture! We are all so great! HAHA

Well St, George and Vegas were great, and I spent the rest of the week doing stuff around Utah County.

I went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU, It was great, really powerful.  

I went to breakfast with my Kneaders Ladies, It was go great to see them and to catch up. (reminder to take a picture next time)

I went to dinner with these two. I love them so much! It makes me sad that we only see each other maybe twice a year. :(  (also another reminder to take another picture, and next time we will all wear makeup and not be fried. haha) 

I also went to our families Cattle Sale in Spanish Fork, and went to my cousin's play at BYU. It was a fabulous spring break, and there are only 7 more weeks of school. 

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