Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reality Check

So over spring break, my mom and I went to the distribution center to look at temple dresses and garments. It was CRAZY! I got so excited that this day is coming closer and closer. We picked out which garment fabrics and styles I would want to try, because I'm not going to be home long enough to go get them before April 18th.

We were also looking at a temple dress. I will be going at least 30 times before I leave on my mission and we decided it would be smarter to buy. I didn't find anything I liked at the distribution center so we started looking online and at place like Dressed in White, etc. But when we looked at these other places they were so expensive!! Over a 100 dollars! WOW. Then we went into White Elegance, expecting the same results, and i found one on the clearance rack, it was a style they were discontinuing. So we bought it for $40! Wahoo!! I'm all set to go!

P.S. Almost one Month until I go through the temple!

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