Thursday, December 23, 2010


On Monday Brandi, Jodi and I took the kids skiing. Connor, Josh and Hunter all bought the 5th grade ski pass. Hunter and Halle had never been skiing so Brandi wanted to see if they liked it first. 
That morning we got up early and got already to go then we heard that the canyon was close because of an avalanche warning. We called and we saw that they were still open. Once we got through the really snowy canyon and got all ready to go the Boys and I took off to get a run in. It had snowed so much the night before that there was powder up to our ankles. It was gorgeous. However, we hadn't been to this resort before so we didn't know the easiest ways down. This was problematic. Every time we pulled out the map it got wet and tore. So the Boys and I just winged it. We had skis popping off in every direction. Lets just say after that we stuck with the bunny hill. 

Hunter, Halle and Josh were all in ski/snowboard school in the morning then we all just skied on the bunny hill in the afternoon. Hunter and Halle had stayed on the tow rope all morning so they didn't get the chance to go on the actual lift. Haha, that was fun. We decided we could do it if I helped with Hunter and Jodi helped Halle. Brandi and I had pep talked Hunter the whole way up and we thought she could do it. Well when the time came for all of us to get off we stood up and slid down the little hill. But Hunter skis were icy on the bottom and she just stayed sitting down. By the time the guy got out of his little box, she was too far. She had to ride the lift all the way to the top and then come back down. Poor Hunter, her first experience and she was stuck on the lift. 

Brandi went to the bottom to catch Hunter when she got off, and I stuck with Halle. She is so cute. I love this girl! She was doing really great for her first time going skiing. One time to help her, I took her arms and we skied together, and every time she fell i would bend down to help her up. My knees still hurt. Ouch! I didn't think I was old enough to have my joints hurting. 
This is us at the end of the day, it looks she still likes me!

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