Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Week of Crazy!

So the past week has been completely bonkers. I have had 4 tests, and 4 projects and one of my tests postponed. Once my test tomorrow is over I will completely done for the rest of the week. I will be able to enjoy the football game and conference. The Question for the Week is Who do I cheer for at the game?? I will for sure wear blue but will there be a cougar on my shirt or a bull. Two years ago I was cheering for BYU and I was harassed during the whole game. I think this year I will wear Aggie Blue, just because they both are doing awful this year and have a exactly good change of winning. On friday Hannah, Jen, Vanessa and I went to DI to see if we could find anything to decorate our house with. We didn't come back with anything except for our Halloween costumes for this year.

These were epic jackets that we found. I will be Michael Jackson (eh?) and Vanessa is going to be a trapper and Jen will probably be a biker chick. LEGIT!

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