Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19, 2012
How are you?   
I have to say that this 
past week has been crazy!

Thanks grandma for lunch, we went with the other Hermanas to a botanical park and had hamburgers.  They were SOOO delicious!! 

We also had interviews this past week!!! Yay!! It was the best. I always love hearing from President and Hermana Turk and the assistants. There are probably pictures on Hermana Turk’s blog (Thurs March 15th post).  But it was great fun. My interview with president Turk was great. I love hearing from him exactly how I can improve and how I can be better as a missionary and as a person. I know that he cares about me and thinks about specifically.  It’s individual and personal. I love it.

One day this week we went to Salaverry to change telephones and on the way there I thought I was on the harry potter bus from movie 3. It was crazy. I could just picture the little Jamaican head laughing at me. The drivers here are super crazy!!

So Oscar gave us a reference this week. His friend wants to be baptized and his mom gave us permission so we are super happy about that. Well we went to get Oscar before the appointment with his friend Pierro. But Oscar couldn´t leave because his mom was gone and his little sister was there with him. He had this great idea to do divisions. Haha he said Hermana Sandstrom you stay here with my sister and ill go with Hermana Mendoza to Pierros house. It was a good idea but sorry Oscar.

We went this week as district to help a member. Her roof fell and we were going to use our height (with 4 north Americans we have the advantage) to put her roof back together. We are going to another Hermana’s house tomorrow to help her too.

Yesterday we had a baptism of a little boy in our ward. His whole family is members, but a lot of them are inactive. His grandma is actually a temple worker in the Provo temple. I think, I know she lives in Provo and works there. It was a great baptismal service. The family of Hermana Turk is here and their nieces and nephews sang the new primary song, I know my Heavenly Father loves me.  I think that is the name of it. Not sure. But they learned it in Spanish. It was so great!! I loved it. The spirit was so strong!!! Reminded me tons of home, all my little cousins.
Today we went with the Turks and their family to the famous beaches of Trujillo. We played volleyball and flew kites. It was an awesome day!!  My face is so sunburnt. Oww
(see Turks blog March 20 post 11:39 am rough start...fantastic finish)

SO tomorrow is CHANGES!!!! I´m leaving Monserrat but I don´t know where I´m headed off to yet. I´ll find out tonight.  I´m sad to be leaving but it is a needed change. I have grown to love the members of this ward so much. I love Trujillo.

´Thank you all for everything!! I´m excited for the this change! It will be good.
Love you all lots!!!

Hermana Sandstrom.

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