Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feliz Navidad

December 19th 2011

(mom note: Kaylee got to call home last week to set up her Christmas call – it was a complete and wonderful surprise)

So I think my favorite part of the week was calling home and surprising you guys. Sorry I missed you dad I tried to wait but it didn’t work out.  But hearing mom shriek was great!! I loved it.  

Okay so this week has gone by fast, talking to you guys helped a lot with that.  So we went for a couple of days with out clean water in our apartment. I got dehydrated and so did my companion. It wasn’t good. I had one bottle for brushing my teeth but during the day we didn’t just have enough to drink. It was not good, but after calling every day for 6 days and having the other elders in our district call; we finally got some water. So after that we were good to go.

My companion has been sick, well not sick but has had some stomach pains -- its been interesting.  After talking a lot to the zone leaders I think we finally got some drugs to help.

This week we had a meeting with all of the new missionaries and their trainers. It was great! We learned tons from President and Sister Turk and it was so much fun to see my friends from the mtc.

This week is crazy with preparations for Christmas. We are singing tomorrow in the plaza. So we are having our p day tomorrow and practicing with the missionaries from huraz. (mom note: I think they are going to try to show parts of the program through the mission blogTrujillo Mission Blog– so check it out in the next day or so) It will be a great week. On Saturday we are having a Christmas party with our district and then on Christmas day we have church and then we are visiting member families and calling our families. We have to be in our house by 6 both days.  Also President Turk wants us to finish the Book of Mormon before Christmas. So I am in a rush to finish. I’m in Mormon. We’ll see how much I can get done before Friday.
not sure on details - she forgot to tell me, but love to see her at work 
Fourth Nephi is awesome!

Dad I have been thinking about you a lot lately (and I why do I cry every time I go to email you)

(here are some excerpts from an email to Mike)

I’m so sad I missed you the other day, I was trying to wait all day until dinner time, but we forgot about daylight savings and didn’t realize you were two hours behind. It was so great to hear mom’s voice though.  That’s so crazy that Connor is going to mutual. Weird. He’s almost a deacon! –what a great gift to be ordained Christmas day. He’ll be passing the sacrament and all.

That’s sad about no snow there for Chirstmas. It’s pretty warm here. I don’t need a jacket. Almost summer  :)

So this week we have met some families with not very good examples of dads. Thank you so much for being a great father. For always honoring your priesthood, and helping us to choose the right. To have family scripture study and to have family prayer. Those things are so important. They keep us on the right path. Thank you for teaching us the right morals and values. I’m learning so much from these families here and how wonderful of a family I have. I have always known I have a great family and awesome parents that are so stalwart in the gospel. I am so grateful for that foundation. Thank you so much for that. I’m so grateful for that strong example that I have and how I am seeing how it has prepared me for my mission.

I was thinking yesterday about those days that I was in the hospital after the accident. I don’t remember much but I do remember you always being my bedside. and I remember those priesthood blessings in the hospital. I am so happy that you were worthy of the priesthood and ready to give me a blessing anytime. And that you were and are so concerned for me and my safety and for my happiness. I love you a lot, and miss you guys so much.

I know that this gospel blesses families because it has blessed my family. I’m so grateful for the plan of salvation and for the atonement.

Love you lots!!  So excited to talk to you & see your faces soon--Sunday!!
H. SAndstrom

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