Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I was able to visit my grandparents in Hawaii for a week! It was perfect! I had gotten done with finals early and they weren't able to be there when I went through the temple so I was able to go with them there.
Sunset from my plane window

My Swing! I loved the view of the beach and I  a couple books sitting right here. 

So Beautiful!

My grandparents are growing a pineapple in their backyard. 

Bread Fruit?


I love the temple! This one was so pretty!

Grandma and I at the swap meet! 

The Other Sister Sandstrom!

Where am I going? My letter is waiting for me at home!!
So I got already to go to the beach and It was pouring rain! 

I love beach day! Too bad there were no beach games!

This is the coolest quilt ever! 

Grandma and I chilling at the Mission Settlement home. This is where i read a couple more books! 

Grandma and Grandpa weren't able to be there when I went to the temple here so we were able to do a session one morning before work

At BYU H devotional the talk was about Happy Fruit from the Book of Mormon

Look how beautiful this flower is! Its as big as my face!

Grandma was able to get me into the Ambassadors Dinner. It was delicious! 

We rode a golf cart up to the bottom of these water falls. It was a gorgeous drive. 

We stopped at the turtle beach, and there were four of them on the beach, instead of the one that I have seen in the past. 

We had lunch at the Grass Skirt Grill on the way out of town.  It was delicious. This place has been
featured on the Food Network. It was so great!

Wether or not you choose to believe it, I had shrimp. And it didn't kill me. Wow. Don't tell anyone. 

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